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Counseling Resources

Counseling techniques can vary greatly with each perfessional depending on their background, training, expereince, or overall preference. The following resources are favorites that I have utilized in both group and individual counseling for students with various needs and goals.

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Behavior & Social/Emotional Supports
Social skills, emotional regulation, communication, and behavior management

Zones of Regulation Tracking Chart (pdf coming soon...)

Zones of Regulation Self Identification Scale

(pdf coming soon...)

Toolbox Wheel of Choices (pdf coming soon...)

Participation Sticker Chart (pdf coming soon...)

Personal Goal Sticker Chart (pdf coming soon...)


Great Links

The Adventerous School Counselor

Elementary School Counseling

National Center for Learning Disabilities











Simple activites, crafts, and projects that can be completed during a 30 minute session

Friendship Flower (pdf coming soon...)

Kind Words & Insults Activity (pdf coming soon...)


Great Links

The Creative Counselor

Minute-To-Win-It Kids Games

Autism Teaching Strategies

Anger Management Games

Printables for Social & Emotional Health