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Here you can access a compliation of resources from across the web. These resources include documents and web pages for both parents and school psychologists. The following were made available to you by, Steven A. Greenburg - Education Law, CDE, California Special Education Programs: A composite of Laws, Alexandria School District 206, GUHSD, the Riverside County SELPA,and

Parent Resources


Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Everything You Wanted to Know About IEPs but Were Afriaid to Ask (PDF)

What is A Special Education Teacher? (PDF)


Understanding Educational Disabilities

Auditory Processing - A Breakdown of Skills (PDF)

What is Phonological Awareness? (PDF)

Executive Functions - Something to Think About (PDF)

Guidelines for Identifying Visual Perceptual Problems in School-Aged Children (PDF)

The Teacher Says My Child May Have a Learning Disability! What Does That Mean? What Do I Do? (PDF)

Autism - The Basics (PDF)

Autism Myths - It May Not Be What You Think (PDF)

Helping A Child with Autism Build Peer Relationships & Friendships (PDF)

Joint Attention Skills & The Child with Austim (PDF)

Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDF)











School Psychologist Resources


Threat/Suicide Assessments

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Deadlines for Special Eduation Processes (PDF)

60 Day IEP Compliance Timeline (PDF)

IEP Process Flowchart (PDF)

California Department of Education IFSP & IEP Handbook (PDF)

Common School Mistakes (PDF)

How to Get Parents Involved (PDF)

The ABC's of an IEP Meeting - What Parents Should Know (PDF)



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Larry P. Litigation (PDF)


General School Psychology Links

National Professional Resources (website: Books, Laminated Reference Guides, DVD's, etc.)